BBC Music Day’s Dementia Initiative

Musical Memories

Today, 26th September the BBC celebrates it’s official Music Day 2019. A large part of this event is the BBC’s Music & Dementia Initiative which highlights the benefit and importance of music to those who are living with Dementia. There are pop up concerts in village halls, sing alongs at charities and and even raves in care homes!

There are over 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this is set to rise to over one million by 2021. Mostly the over 65’s are affected but it can also hit us earlier. This initiative boasts over 800 music events held today by collaborating organisations across the country raising awareness whilst having lots of fun.

The BBC recently launched Nile Rogers as the ambassador of this initiative as the subject is close to his heart having a mother and Aunt who suffer from dementia. His mother has had Alzheimers for over 13 years but can sing faultlessly along to old songs from her past. He talks of an ‘internalised’ memory of music, so embedded that tunes and words to songs never leave us.

Nile Rogers BBC World Music Day

The joy that this can bring to those who suffer from anxiety and other stress related symptoms of dementia is becoming strongly recognised and increasingly promoted by charities and support groups nationwide.

I began working with a local charity Chrysalis Tynedale, during a rebrand and renaming of Chrysalis Club this summer by local agency Design Engine. Heather from DE got in touch having worked together on similar local projects and knew my documentary photography style would fit her client’s brief perfectly.

It has been one of the most rewarding projects I have worked on, feeling part of a team and seeing the positive effects that Chrysalis brings to those with dementia, their families and carers. This friendly and fun club based in Hexham works hard to deliver twice weekly workshops with enjoyable themes such as gardening, art, sports and music. The first workshop I photographed was a music workshop taken by local drummer Simon Wood. The images below are a small selection I captured at this event with permission from those involved.

Photography taken in a documentary style in Northumberland by a newcastle based photographer

Photography taken in a documentary style in Northumberland by a newcastle based photographer


Simon created a drum circle with the group following simple rhythms with shakers and hand drums then played familiar songs on the hang drums (which look like a bbq and sound like a harp!) which brought big smiles and happiness to the group. This was a documentary photographers dream, smiles, energy, movement, concentration and expression at its best!

Photography taken in a documentary style in Northumberland by a newcastle based photographer


Simon then rounded off with the most magical version of  Faithless’ Insomnia, resulting in such an electric and euphoric atmosphere many of the regulars got out of their seats and danced aided by sticks and volunteers. The music seemed to soothe any confusion or trouble and it felt joyous. It was such a fantastic moment I had to hide my watery eyes behind the camera.

Photography taken in a documentary style in Northumberland by a newcastle based photographer


Photography taken in a documentary style in Northumberland by a newcastle based photographer


Hurrah for charities that bring such relief from the of difficulties dementia and how fantastic that the BBC has the power to bring this to peoples attention and with an ambassador as high profile and delightful as Nile Rogers on their BBC Music Day 2019.

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The Importance of Professional Profiles

People Photography is my passion! And to squeeze a few more ‘P’s into this for no Particular reason, Professional Portraits are a must when Promoting (six P’s and counting!) yourself on line in a Photo.

It is a given now that if you are self employed with a website for your business, there will be a section about you, with a photo. Equally ‘Meet the Team’ pages are commonplace on company websites and maybe you appear there. Or maybe you, your face or personality is your brand so your image and portrait photography is essential. It can appear disappointing if there is no visual of who you are on your About page, leaving the viewer to question ‘why not?’ and ask ‘but what do they look like?’ these days people expect to meet you, the virtual you, online in a photo often before meeting the actual you, in the flesh.

So with all this in mind a well executed photo, nicely lit by the photographer and looking relaxed and natural yet well presented and professional is what you need! The top priority for me as a profile photographer is to create a set of top notch images that show a little personality (or a lot if you fancy!), approachability and professionalism. I offer an enjoyable experience for my clients as I work as my studio is centrally located in Newcastle near the Central Station, cool and comfy and I guide my clients smoothly through the process with a warmth that will help you relax. That’s what my clients say too (hear it from them and read my google reviews)!

My goal for every shoot is to hear ‘ooh that’s nice, I like that shot of me’ and despite having many reluctant visitors to my studio as few like their picture being taken, the results are as you see below, relaxed natural and perfect for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and websites. Dr Chaudhry came to my studio this month as he needed some images for his social networking, speaking at conferences and his new website under construction and was happy for me to share his favourites. He opted for my Headshot Package for £100, half hour session and 5 images supplied high quality with optional photo-shopping. These five below were the Dr’s choices and they demonstrate nicely what I can achieve for you in a simple and painless 30 minutes. So if you fancy a refresh do please get in touch for more info on 07960 338357 or and I promise you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

For more imagery and lovely faces please visit this gallery on my website

Photography studio images of a doctor GP in Newcastle upon TynePhotography studio images of a doctor GP in Newcastle upon TynePhotography studio images of a doctor GP in Newcastle upon TyneGreat example of relaxed and natural but business like Portrait Photography by newcastle Photographer Sarah DeaneGreat example of relaxed and natural but business like Portrait Photography by newcastle Photographer Sarah Deane

Newborn Portraits at Home

The newborn portrait shoot is always a good deal easier for all the family when its captured at home. Life is a bit of a whirlwind with a new arrival so I am always happy to bring my camera to your house and capture your family there. Whilst I love my Newcastle studio work, there is something lovely about capturing a family in their home using soft furnishings as backdrops and scenes that will be so familiar in years to come.

Sarah came to me through a recommendation and wanted her newborn daughter Freya photographed at her Low Fell home in her first few days with brother Noah. She was super sweet and Noah was really gentle with her making the newborn photos of the two of them easy to compose.

The results were atmospheric and homely. If you are interested in any of my packages for a home shoot for yourself or for a gift to a new mum all my studio deals can be offered at home too. Just drop me a line!

newborn portraits at home in low fell gatesheadnewborn family portraits at home in low fell gatesheadnewborn and brother photos at home for portrait shoot gateshead9 tile design of family portraits of newborn family shot

British Bulldog Pet Portraits

This was a fab pet portrait shoot of British Bulldog at the studio! Benjy was brought into Newcastle after a grooming session to have his pictures taken by his owner Chris. He was commissioning me to capture a large print for his girlfriend as a surprise birthday gift.

Benjy was a fabulous subject as even thought he was a bit over excited on arrival and fast movement is always the challenge with pet photography, he was fairly static towards the end so I could get really close to his face with my macro lens. The brief was for a black backdrop however spot lit shots were challenging as it was difficult to get catch lights inside those incredible folds! So softer wider lighting worked better.

For anyone wanting to photograph a bulldog, make sure you work hard at the lighting as it will enhance the details of the face, fur and whiskers. It’s also important to capture their gentle expressions as sometimes they can look cross when they are just inquisitive. Be prepared for some hard editing needed and to work with the owner on which photos show their personality best.

Any pet owners wanting to capture their pet in photos do please drop me a line for pricing or visit my prices page for packages;

english bull dog portraits at newcastle studioBritish bulldog portraits copy


Family Portraits, Niki Family

Yui, Takayuki and Ayto came to the studio to capture some contemporary images of the family just before number two arrived. Yui was only weeks away from delivering so the session was to be a mix of family, little Ayto, Yui and her super tidy bump!

The session was so relaxed and we caught some really lovely natural moments aswell as experimenting with back lighting for a softer more atmospheric feel and some filters and spots for a bit of colour and warmth.

There are more of Yui’s and other bumps on the live link below. Do please get in touch if you would like a pregnancy shoot to capture you (or your partner) whilst you bloom!

niki family portraitsniki family portraits at newcastle studio