As a Portrait Photographer oh how I love faces! Faces together with light. It’s a daily fascination of mine. I love the way that light falls across people’s faces in a completely unique way from one to another. This is what keeps my job so interesting and never without challenge.

Experimenting with my coloured backdrops, gels and moving my (fairly basic) lighting about the subject makes for simple and flattering imagery. I always aim to create unfussy, clean and eye catching portraiture that flatters my portrait client’s face shapes and skin colouring so that they look at their photos and think ‘yeah that’s me!’ I love it when people say to me ‘I had difficulty choosing my favourites’ as it means I’ve done my job correctly and my images have pleased. Which I have to say isn’t easy when we all live in a rather self critical world!

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A client yesterday described the headshot portraits they wanted me to shoot for their online profiles as potentially ‘boring, pretty standard’ they said. I can honestly say a portrait is never EVER boring! Every photo shoot is different and for each face character is visible through physical features together with emotional expression. For Actors their headshots need to simply show a clear sharp shot of their face. This helps production teams select them for the roles they are aiming to fill and is a visual reference for agencies to promote.

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My Newcastle Photography studio has been really busy this month with Actor Headshot photo shoots to a mix of young people, mostly students at local schools, colleges and universities as it’s time to pull together drama school applications.

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These young women kindly let me share their faces and it fills me with joy to supply imagery that screams serious professionalism at such a young age. I have been so impressed with the dedication and professionalism of these young women who know what they want and are determined to put themselves forward in the best way they can. Bravo you lot!

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I have just launched a brand new Actor Headshot page on my website. You might like a look if you too love faces, faces, faces! Click here to view more sample photographs of men and women actor headshots 

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