This page is for my Portrait Photography Clients who have a password protected online gallery. Please read carefully;


Please look for your image below and click on this or the accompanying text. This takes you though to your gallery hosted by an external company ’Smugmug’ and they will ask for your password to enter. The gallery can be accessed where ever you have wifi/3G on phone or desktop and the link will be on my website until further notice moving down the page in chronological order. Please let me know if you would like it removed and I will be happy to do so.


Once in your gallery you can view your images as a full set of small thumbnails, view image numbers (hover mouse over the image) and slideshow options too (press the ‘play’ arrow). If you would like me to add the print shop facility to your gallery to order prints of your images then please let me know.

Download – to computer

The full set can be downloaded as high quality files to your computer desktop. Please look for the downward pointing arrow top right of gallery near ‘Buy Photos’ to download the full set to your computer desktop. The software will create a zip file (compressed file) and email you the full set, sometimes across two zip folders if you have lots of images. Please check your spam/junk folders if the link does not arrive.

For individuals click on the thumbnail image within the gallery to make it larger on screen and look to the bottom right or left for the download icon (downward pointing arrow). Click this to download individuals to your computer.

Download – to phone

For low quality files for internet use only, you can simply screen shot an individual photo. Choose an image in the gallery and enlarge, then tap the screen to remove the text title of the image and the arrows, once you have a clear image take a screen shot. With your phone’s photo edit software next crop away any of the black gallery edging that is visible.

For print quality individuals click on the thumbnail image to make it larger on screen and look to the bottom right or left of the image for the (downward pointing arrow) download icon. Click this to download individuals to your phone.

Cloud sharing

If you require the full set or a large number of images on your phone, rather than downloading each individual image to your phone, you could share the full set from computer to cloud. Then connect to the cloud from your phone and access them this way.


You can print from your downloaded files as many times and at any size you like though high street or online print shops. If you’d like me to re-crop an image to fit a frame of yours please let me now the dimensions and I will be happy to help. There is also a shopping cart on the Smugmug gallery where you view your images. These are low cost, good quality and printed in this country so can be turned around with speed. Just please as ke mrt add this facility to your gallery then once applied, look for the ‘BUY’ button and follow the instructions.

Please email me on if you need any assistance. Thank you!