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Newcastle Photography Charity Face Masks

One of the first photography commissions I was asked to do after lockdown eased was so perfectly fitting for current times! A face mask product shoot for local Newcastle based charity Clothe & Feed, no less! Rob Turnbull the charity’s founder got in touch and needed various portrait photos of their new handmade mask range […]

Oktra Interior Design Photography

Okra London designs and fits up North During the tumble weed times of frozen lockdown I was commissioned for an exciting interiors photography job that fitted the ‘safe shooting’ requirements perfectly. Essentially a soon to be occupied office building in Newcastle’s NE12. It was a brand new beautiful office design and fit by Okra Design […]

My new Prints Shop is Launched!

How exciting, it’s live at last! It’s been a rather long time in the making but it has kept me busy for three months! Throughout 20 years of working as a photographer in London and Newcastle I have collated sets of documentary images for my own enjoyment and personal projects. During Covid-19 lockdown I have […]

Portraits of a Scientist

Nuchido’s Dr Nichola Conlon I just love this woman. She is really quite incredible! She is a Molecular Biologist Scientist, a Dr, a mother, a business founder and a lovely friend of mine. She is so mutuitalented I even saw her on Instagram this weekend driving a speed boat! I first met Nichola in Clavering […]