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My new Prints Shop is Launched!

How exciting, it’s live at last! It’s been a rather long time in the making but it has kept me busy for three months! Throughout 20 years of working as a photographer in London and Newcastle I have collated sets of documentary images for my own enjoyment and personal projects. During Covid-19 lockdown I have […]

Portraits of a Scientist

Nuchido’s Dr Nichola Conlon I just love this woman. She is really quite incredible! She is a Molecular Biologist Scientist, a Dr, a mother, a business founder and a lovely friend of mine. She is so mutuitalented I even saw her on Instagram this weekend driving a speed boat! I first met Nichola in Clavering […]

Children’s Portfolio Photography

Meet Millie! You can’t help but fall in love with Millie when you meet her. She is full of life, sweet natured and has a little twinkle in her eye which is always visible, never waning once throughout our recent shoot. Millie, 8 is a child model, dancer, singer, swimmer and all round ace performer. […]

YMCA Portraits

Just before lockdown I worked with the YMCA in Newcastle on their Urban Mushroom project, capturing photos of the grow-your-own kits they sell made from recycled local coffee grains. It’s a genius idea and more mushroom images will be shared when they go live. Part of the photography brief was to capture urban portraits in […]

Science Museum’s ‘Robots Then and Now’

Robot Faces: Exhibition Photography This exhibition at the Science Museum explored the 500 year history of humanoid robots. It opened in 2017 in London, and in 2018 Life Science Centre in Newcastle was lucky enough to host it before it toured internationally, this year in Berlin. If you love a robot face, particularly the 1970’s […]