Photography Courses Newcastle

Newcastle Photography Courses

My one to one photography courses here at my studio are aimed at Photographers as beginners in Newcastle and the Northeast with a little knowledge and a camera (or high spec iPhone) but would like to know how to use it better and more effectively. The three options are designed to deliver a high quality one to one session tailored to your needs whether business or pleasure 

This one to one service is particularly appealing to those who may be neuro-diverse and who find group workshops overwhelming, or maybe for those who want to have undivided attention and not have to wait their turn to ask specific questions that will be helpful to them.

These lessons offer you a chance to ask any questions you may have for a professional photographer together with practical guidance and experimentation. A couple of hours with me and my 24 years of experience in digital Photography will be worth its weight in gold. It could mean you finally get the shots you have always wanted, have more confidence with photography composition and enjoy the whole shooting process more!

I am also offering to support iPhone users who don’t feel the need to have a DSLR or mirrorless camera but would like to understand the camera settings and the camera modes. When phones are used correctly the results can look almost as good as professionally shot images, so this route is not to be dismissed for pleasure or business!

Photographer Newcastle

I have three options for Photography Lessons, at my photo studio as listed below, 

1- Master your Digital Camera!

2- Master Studio Lighting (option to choose Product Photography or Portrait Photography)

3- Learn iPhone Photography Like a Pro!

Newcastle Photographer

Master your Digital Camera!

Maybe you or someone in your family has a camera bought specifically for business or just for a hobby that has been sitting around unused. It might be that you need some teaching and guidance as to how to successfully capture your main chosen area of photography giving you the confidence to progress further.

This Photography Course gives you the knowledge to understand your camera’s settings and capabilities so that you can achieve a higher level of imagery on your own.

Photography Courses Newcastle

Master Studio Lighting (with the option to choose Product Photography or Portrait Photography)

Are you someone who is familiar with using manual settings on your camera but would be keen to have a go at studio photography? Maybe you want to learn how to set up studio flash lighting or discover more about product or portrait photography in a short course here in Newcastle.

This is an advanced option for those who can use their camera on manual and are ready to learn and understand studio lighting. I’ll chat through camera settings, lighting kit and a fun experimental practical hour resulting in professionally executed shots. You will have four options to choose from;

-colour gels and backdrops

-flashlight and diffusion

-studio kit advice

-tripods and tethering

Learn iPhone Photography

This course is a one to one chat with practical time over a two hour appointment covering variety of topics; 

-phone camera settings talk though


-video mode

-night time modes

-hints and tips



This is a great way to get to grips with the capabilities of your iPhone camera and take shots that enhance your business or hobby. It might even be that you want to take better portraits of your family.

I can tailor the session to fit with your knowledge base and requirements using my experience from my 24 years as a professional photographer. We can use my studio for the lesson and practical or if the weather is kind we can head outside. 

Photography Courses Newcastle

How to book

If you are wanting a unique birthday gift experience, a cool Christmas present or an unusual gift to mark a special anniversary or achievement, a short course with me could be the perfect idea! There’s a link to my booking page here . If you would like more information please visit my contact page here (live link ) or call my number 07960 338357 for more information and I’ll be happy to help!

Photography Courses Newcastle