24 years a Photographer in Newcastle!

There is a lot to celebrate this month! I took the leap to set as a Newcastle Photographer with my own Photo Studio in March 2011 servicing Product e-commerce photography and Business Headshots and despite the crazy ups, downs and storms ridden with topics such as bereavement, client restructuring, a recession and a pandemic, I’m here fighting fit, always progressing and most importantly still loving it!

Newcastle Portrait Photographer

I graduated from Camberwell College of Art in the millennium so this year I celebrate being a professional photographer for 24 years! This feels like a major feat together with my city centre studio business at Clavering House Business Centre turning 13 years old this month.

Newcastle Photography takes portraits

On reflection I think one of the successes is my passion for my work, always wanting to improve my photo shoots here in my Newcastle Studio, always aiming to enjoy shooting and keeping client happiness at the top of my goals.

Multiple Awards!

What better way to celebrate your own achievements in business than awards? Last month I went to meet with Prestige Awards at Blackwell Grange and receive a gold ‘Multiple Award’ for best Portrait Photographer North East having won this for 3 years running! I took Dan, my assistant so that we could celebrate together as he has been integral in supporting my studio in the last year. It was interesting to be interviewed about my Portrait photography and my new Photography Tutorial products too. The very first Photography Award I achieved was in 2007 when I managed a Portrait Studio for Venture Photography at their studio in Gosforth. It’s wonderful to reflect on the 17 year span of awards won.


Newcastle Photography takes portraits

Photography Courses here in Newcastle

With all this experience in mind and to keep my work varied and my product offerings diverse, this spring I launched two new products to my portfolio of services to the general public. Whilst I capture images for businesses such as Meet the Team Staff Headshots, Office Documentary Photography and Interior Design Shoots, I also offer Headshot Portraits, Portfolio and Press Shoots to the general public.

The one question I’ve been asked regularly as a Newcastle Photographer over the years is do you teach photography?’ and now I can answer a solid YES! My vast experience working in studios such as shooting freelance projects in London 2000, managing Venture Portraits in Gosforth 2002, shooting in house for advertising Agency NDC Marketing Communications 2008, then my own business in 2011 has led me to a point where I feel a desire to share what I’ve learnt.

So this month I’ve launched two new products! I’ve designed two Photography Courses in Newcastle, here at my city centre studio, teaching you in my cosy space at Clavering House. I can teach you all about how your camera either a Phone camera, DSLR or mirrorless works in a simple two hour course. You might be a business wanting to capture better shots at your events on your phone, or you may be a hobbyist who’d love to learn the ropes in a studio whatever the requirements, you may even want to understand what makes a good portrait and how to shoot them in a studio. I can tailor the session to your needs and design a course that means you leave confident and full of knowledge.




Below is a snapshot of a ‘Shoot like a Pro’ article that featured in Digital Photographer Magazine with the type of tips I can share with those who want to learn studio skills in Newcastle! You may also like this link to another blog telling news of an article featuring me as a photographer and my professional CV here

Newcastle Photography takes portraits



Meet the team

Meet the team!

Since launching my photography business in Newcastle in 2011 my studio has twisted and turned to adjust to external influences, customer trends and now more recently my own personal needs. So as a woman in my early 50’s working solo, a tricky cocktail of an autoimmune disease, neurodiversity struggles and perimenopausal symptoms have made me swallow my pride and ask for help!

This year I began thinking about the support that I needed by applying for government help through the Access to Work scheme and with support help from the This is Me agency after an ADHD diagnosis. The process was really analytical and I realised I needed organisational and physical support so that I could focus on the Photographer skills that I’m great at and love. So out with the tedious admin struggles and aching joints from heavy kit and in with the shiny new team!

Once I was in a position where my Newcastle team & I were settled into the new rhythm of Sarah Deane Photographic, the portrait photographer in me started saying it’s time for a meet the team shoot of my own! Not only do I specialise in portrait photography, I absolutely love taking headshots so it was such a full circle moment to do this with a team of my own. 

What may surprise you about me, is I hate having my photo taken and funnily enough so does the rest of my team! Even so we all went into the shoot excited and confident we would all walk away with some brilliant shots. On the day of the shoot we all met at my studio in the heart of Newcastle city centre and got busy shooting on the self timer and tripod. We also decided with the weather being glorious, which is a rarity in the North East, to take some photos outside Clavering House in the building’s car park of all places! 

The shoot felt really celebratory, it was a positive symbol of change and how far I’ve come as a Photographer. It was also one big laugh and I can confidently say despite being a tad reluctant we had a great time, even Bluebell my frenchie squeezed in for a picture!

Here’s my team, from left to right, Dan, Li, Lily and me.

Meet Li!

Li has been a receptionist at Clavering House for over 8 years but recently also became my Virtual Assistant outside of working hours. She works remotely, handles all my admin, keeps my studio diary running smoothly and has the fun part of supplying my image galleries to all my clients! Li is always smiling, supportive and has been amazing telling me to go home when I work too hard! She always goes above and beyond and I’m so grateful for all her help. 

Meet Lily!

Lily is my newest recruit as Digital Marketing Manager, she is full of fresh ideas, brings bags of creativity and has incredible knowledge of how to be visible and current. I first met Lily and her siblings in 2004 when I photographed them at Venture Portraits then again as teens at my studio. Lily gets it bang on with every piece of work she does for me, calming my busy mind and helping me focus on the content that matters. It’s an absolute joy to work with Lily nearly 20 years later as a vital member of my team, she is a breath of fresh air!

Meet Dan!

Dan is my Onsite Studio Assistant and worth his weight in gold, he first got in touch a year ago having newly graduated in Photography at Leeds Uni. He saves the day by being my ‘gofer’ and tech assistant, setting up my portrait studio on client premises, or hotel lobbies as we did the other day! He’s quick thinking, reliable and sorts the techy side whilst my brain works on the creative. He’s an all round great chap and we make a dream headshot duo.

As you can probably see from their portraits my team are a truly lovely bunch, all so keen to help and make my clients’ experience with me as smooth, successful and as happy as possible from behind the scenes. Deciding to expand my team was not an easy decision, but now all I can say is I wish I did it sooner! And if you are reading this, relating to how I felt earlier this year, I hope this is the push you needed to consider updating your work dynamic to something more beneficial to who you are today, not who you were when you started your business. 

Or if you are simply just admiring the lovely images of my team, do get in touch with any questions about team portraiture photography and how I can capture fun and relaxed portraits either at my studio, your office or out on site with my portable studio.

More headshot portrait work can be seen here shot out on location 


Or studio portraits shot at my Newcastle studio & set up on client premises 


If you are reading this article as a small business working solo, I also have booking page for individual portraits at my studio here 


I hope to hear from you soon! 


Why Businesses Need Corporate Headshot Portraits

Why Businesses Need Corporate Headshot Portraits

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a strong online presence. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in corporate portraits. My Newcastle Photography Studio offers exactly this!

Headshot portraits are professional photographs of your employees that can be used on your website, in marketing materials, and on social media. They can help you to:

  • Make a positive first impression
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Show the human side of your business
  • Attract new customers and clients

If you’re looking to rebrand or refresh your website, maybe adding a ‘meet the team’ page then professional portraits are a must-have. 

Photographer in Newcastle takes portraits for business websites and social media

Make a positive first impression

When potential customers or clients visit your website, they’re going to make a snap judgment about your business within seconds. If your website is outdated or poorly designed, they’re likely to move on to the next one. But if your website is professional and well-designed, with high-quality staff portraits, they’re more likely to stick around and learn more about your business. 


Photographer in Newcastle takes portraits for business websites and social media

Build trust and credibility

Professional portraits can also help you to build trust and credibility with your customers and clients. When people see professional photographs of your employees, it shows that you’re a legitimate business that takes pride in its work. This can be especially important for businesses that are new or that operate in a competitive industry.

Newcastle Photography studio takes portraits for business websites and social media

Show the human side of your business

In addition to making a positive first impression and building trust, corporate portraits can also help you to show the human side of your business. When potential customers or clients see photographs of your employees, they get a glimpse into the culture of your company and the people who work there. This can help to make your business more relatable and approachable, which can lead to more sales and conversions.

Photographer in Newcastle takes headshot portraits for business websites and social media

Attract new customers and clients

Finally, corporate portraits can also help you to attract new customers and clients. When you have high-quality photographs of your employees, you can use them in your marketing materials, on social media, and in other promotional efforts. This will help to put your business in front of a larger audience and attract more attention.

If you’re looking for a way refresh your marketing materials with your staff, please drop me a line on my contact page to discuss ideas and a quote for your team here or if you are an individual I have a booking page here 

Newcastle Photography studio takes portraits for business websites and social media

Press Release Photography Focus

How do you feel about being in the press?

Whether it be North East, Newcastle or nationwide as entrepreneurs the idea of having a piece of press coverage showcasing what we do, how we do it and how we help others is absolutely invaluable!

Portrait photos, editorial and documentary photography that tell an in depth story of who you are are and what you do is the single most reason my clients come to me for their imagery so that they have an archive of story telling photos to use in their marketing materials and press to enhance their brand.

Well this time, the lens was on me which ironically is never easy as I prefer to be safely behind the camera! It was my second feature in as many years in the popular Digital Photographer magazine published just late last year. They showcased me as a ‘CV’ with images, an overview of my work, my kit and experiences running my photography business to date. To see an image of me in print rather than just my images is always exciting so I wanted to shout about it.

You can have a read all about it below…. thank you so much Peter Fenech for choosing to feature me and my business just in time to share with you all on my 12th business birthday this month too!

Let me know what you think!


Sarah Deane Photography in Newcastle upon Tyne in Digital Photographer magazine

When did you start out and how did you get involved in your current photo genres?

I loved photography from school age and got my first Film SLR aged 16. Pictures of local architecture and my school pals were the main themes. I discovered the buzz of doing portraiture of strangers in my final year of
a Graphic Design Degree at Camberwell Art College and I furthered this during studio employment at Venture Portraits. I worked at the ND Creative ad agency and moved into the commercial sector with product
and marketing photography. With the tools I’d gained, I set up my own studio in 2011, shooting weddings, portraits and commercial.

What challenges did you face as a startup and how did you overcome them?

Adaptation is an essential skill for self- employment. Initially, I lacked the knowledge of how to run a business. I had good project management and marketing skills from my agency days, people skills from years at Venture and creative skills developed since I was a teen, but I had no idea how to handle accounts or tech issues, or how to consistently generate enquiries. I also was a single parent of a teenager and had no savings or funds, so money was tight. I knew I needed a studio to offer Venture- style family portraiture. I found a rented space that another photographer, Alex Telpher, had created by converting an old church in the suburb of Byker. His studio, his team and his shoots were hugely inspiring to observe when I was starting up mine.

But just two months into my business, my dad died unexpectedly, which was a huge setback. He had been my photographic inspiration and after some really tough times, I went back to my business feeling pretty raw but full of determination to succeed.

What challenges have you faced since?

I had to scale back when I lost my main client, meaning a third of my annual income disappeared overnight. It was a huge error putting all my eggs into one basket and some reflection was needed. Recently, I’ve had
to restructure how I work due to an auto- immune disease diagnosis that causes me chronic fatigue and joint pain. Limitations on the hours I can work, long commutes and carrying equipment have meant a rethink.

Another challenge is being taken seriously as a female in a male-dominated industry. One of my first big industrial contracts needed me to wear hard hats in factories and mines, working alongside mostly men. I remember seeing the all-male film crew I was working alongside sniggering behind my back, it was crushing. I later learned they thought my male client and I were having a fling!

Sarah Deane Photography in Newcastle upon Tyne in Digital Photographer magazine

What skills are needed in your line of work?

Solution-based skills. Sometimes clients don’t know what they want yet and suggestions
or encouragement to find the right tone or genre of photography are needed. People skills are needed to be passionate about the service you provide and to make working with you a fun, bespoke experience for your clients. Efficiency and adaptiveness are also essential, as I pride myself on hitting deadlines and providing a slick and professional service.

Which social platforms are you on and how do you use them for your business?

I’m on Instagram and LinkedIn. Facebook was good when I shot family portraiture and weddings, but now I’m strictly commercial, it has little impact. LinkedIn is best for B2B and growing a commercial network. Instagram has been great for actor headshots, as it attracts a younger client base.

Sarah Deane Photography in Newcastle upon Tyne in Digital Photographer magazine

For sample editorial shots have a visit to my editorial and events gallery where you will see photography shot for medics, higher education, scientists, speaker, performers and schools here

I’d love to hear from you so please get in touch if you have any questions or would like a quote, I have a contact form on this page of my website here

Now please excuse me whilst I get back to the correct side of the lens! ;-)

DECADE a Virtual Photography Exhibition

As part of the tenth anniversary of my studio this year, I am celebrating with a virtual photography exhibition, simply named Decade. Below is a poster to the exhibition, I’d love you to take a look around so please click on this and it will take you to my gallery to see pop star pants, robots shopping and people fighting with tomatoes in a muddy field. This exhibition runs from 26th March to 26th April 2021. However the YouTube link to the slideshow exhibited in the exhibition will remain here permanently.

Portraits taken in Newcastle by Sarah Deane photography studio