Introducing Emma!

Wowee! 2018 has been absolutely phenomenal! I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I have amazingly lovely repeat clients who are such a delight to work with such as Centre for Life, John Lewis, RTC North, Guide Dogs for the Blind and AHSN NEC and not to mention fab new relationships with Millie’s Cookies, Fentimans, The Helix and last (but certainly not least) Greggs (oh yes, oh yum)! There is not a day that goes by where I don’t thank my lucky stars for the success of this biz. Pardon my French but I bloody love it!

So with all this busy biz as you can imagine I have seriously needed a helping hand. When Emma Cheng, a Photography graduate from Leeds Arts University, returned to her native city of Newcastle this summer she got in touch asking for a intern position at the studio. I was delighted! Emma’s photography work is fantastic, beautifully executed with creativity, sharp graphic compositions and superb retouching and edit skills. Her work really stood out amongst the many emails of requests for work experience I receive from students and graduates.

Emma specialises in product photography and her eye is a fab match for mine. This studio in fact now has not two but FOUR very arty eyes!! So after a few months of training and learning the ropes over these Summer and Autumn months Emma has recently become my assistant on a regular freelance basis. Emma’s role currently supports me behind the scenes, helping edit my shoots turning around hundreds of raw images a day, as general studio assistant and will be supporting my clients when I take two weeks off in January 2019.  As Emma’s role develops we plan to progress and promote the studio’s product photography together so please watch this space for updates and new work. You see now she is held captive in my basement studio at Clavering House in Newcastle city centre and I am certainly not letting her go!

Emma and I are having a great time getting to know one another, sharing a silly sense of humour, educating each other on ‘good old’ and exciting new editing techniques (I am a dinosaur) and old and new music and radio while we work- yes I like radio 4 Woman’s hour and she likes Kisstory and Radio 1! Emma is of tremendous support to me and and this year it feels celebratory, I’ve worked so incredibly hard on building my photography business, celebrating 8 years this spring, that she is the winning prize! I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be out shooting on location knowing my clients work is being edited with skill and care back at the studio by Emma. I am excited to see her how her skills excel, her role develops and how my business grows, so here she is….. introducing the delightful Emma, please give her a big wave and a giant smile!

Staff photos taken in a Photo studio in Newcastle Staff photos taken in a Photo studio in Newcastle Staff photos taken in a Photo studio in Newcastle














Staff photos taken in a Photo studio in Newcastle

Staff photos taken in a Photo studio in Newcastle

Jason Squires Website Profiles

Jason Squires social media marketing expert came to me recently for profile photos in my photography studio in Newcastle city centre and around local nearby landmarks at the quayside. Being a social media expert he knew the importance of good quality portrait photos online and needed a broad range of profiles for his new website. His business advises other businesses on the strengths of social media and how to grow your client base and increase growth using social media effectively.

The brief was to create portrait imagery that allowed his clients to have a visual introduction to Jason on line in professional yet friendly and relaxed photography. The weather was dry and we worked our way around the quayside to various landmarks with spectacular backdrops across Dean St and across the bridges to the Baltic. Jason works nationally however this Newcastle city scape was a great one to use particularly as it was a stones throw from my portrait studio. We finished up with a few studio shots with plain backdrops of white, grey and black coloramas each offering a different atmosphere and offering flexible use for Jason across various print and web media designs. If you’d like to see the results of the pictures now within Jason’s site or want to know more about Jason’s work please visit this link;

If you would like a new online profile shot maybe for your company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media please see the flyer below for details of my current offer and give me call to discuss availability. I can help you loosen up (as very few people like having their portrait taken) and make the experience an enjoyable one! Please don’t be shy and pick up that phone to call me on 07960 338357