Oktra Interior Design Photography

Okra London designs and fits up North

During the tumble weed times of frozen lockdown I was commissioned for an exciting interiors photography job that fitted the ‘safe shooting’ requirements perfectly. Essentially a soon to be occupied office building in Newcastle’s NE12. It was a brand new beautiful office design and fit by Okra Design in London for their expanding client (who wants to remain private) with an HQ in London. They had worked to a really tight schedule with design and fit then the timescale shrank on the job drastically as COVID struck. All was completed smoothly on time and the finished results were crisp, professional, light and airy, a positive environment for the new Northern team. Oktra got in touch with me having viewed my website’s Office Interiors Photography (link here) and felt my Newcastle location and photography style was a good fit for their brand and so asked me to capture the office on handover day last month. I was so keen to shoot again, I could have actually kissed them (although strictly I couldn’t in the middle of a pandemic….. and they are 280 miles away, but I am sure you can imagine my joy)!

So the brief was to capture clean descriptive photos of the office’s full height windowed perimeter, the space, light and enormity of the building to create an interior photography portfolio for this design. The photography was briefed to cover the layout planning and details like wall graphics, bespoke brand coloured furniture and organised open planned spaces within the huge expanse of space. There was a fabulous interior living wall in the breakout area that Oktra wanted photos of next to modern furniture and finishes. Images with perspective were important to show the scale and there also was a secure bullet proof area that had it’s own generator in the case of a power cut. It was pretty a impressive piece for Oktra’s portfolio so see what you think below. I have also placed some screen shots of the current Oktra website displaying my images and you can see their work here.

Oktra Interior Design Photography taken in NewcastleOktra Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 5Oktra Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 6Oktra Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 1Oktra Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 3Oktra Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 4Oktra Office Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 0.5 Oktra Office Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle Oktra Office Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 1 Oktra Office Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 2 Oktra Office Interior Design Photography taken in Newcastle 4

The Importance of Professional Profiles

People Photography is my passion! And to squeeze a few more ‘P’s into this for no Particular reason, Professional Portraits are a must when Promoting (six P’s and counting!) yourself on line in a Photo.

It is a given now that if you are self employed with a website for your business, there will be a section about you, with a photo. Equally ‘Meet the Team’ pages are commonplace on company websites and maybe you appear there. Or maybe you, your face or personality is your brand so your image and portrait photography is essential. It can appear disappointing if there is no visual of who you are on your About page, leaving the viewer to question ‘why not?’ and ask ‘but what do they look like?’ these days people expect to meet you, the virtual you, online in a photo often before meeting the actual you, in the flesh.

So with all this in mind a well executed photo, nicely lit by the photographer and looking relaxed and natural yet well presented and professional is what you need! The top priority for me as a profile photographer is to create a set of top notch images that show a little personality (or a lot if you fancy!), approachability and professionalism. I offer an enjoyable experience for my clients as I work as my studio is centrally located in Newcastle near the Central Station, cool and comfy and I guide my clients smoothly through the process with a warmth that will help you relax. That’s what my clients say too (hear it from them and read my google reviews)!

My goal for every shoot is to hear ‘ooh that’s nice, I like that shot of me’ and despite having many reluctant visitors to my studio as few like their picture being taken, the results are as you see below, relaxed natural and perfect for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and websites. Dr Chaudhry came to my studio this month as he needed some images for his social networking, speaking at conferences and his new website under construction and was happy for me to share his favourites. He opted for my Headshot Package for £100, half hour session and 5 images supplied high quality with optional photo-shopping. These five below were the Dr’s choices and they demonstrate nicely what I can achieve for you in a simple and painless 30 minutes. So if you fancy a refresh do please get in touch for more info on 07960 338357 or and I promise you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

For more imagery and lovely faces please visit this gallery on my website

Photography studio images of a doctor GP in Newcastle upon TynePhotography studio images of a doctor GP in Newcastle upon TynePhotography studio images of a doctor GP in Newcastle upon TyneGreat example of relaxed and natural but business like Portrait Photography by newcastle Photographer Sarah DeaneGreat example of relaxed and natural but business like Portrait Photography by newcastle Photographer Sarah Deane

Branding, Website and Studio Refresh

This year has seen some big changes at my photo studio and the way I approach my work. As I am now non stop with corporate photography Monday to Friday I have restricted my weekend work and ceased wedding shoots altogether. It’s exactly where I aimed to be so I’m delighted and have celebrated with an updated logo to reflect my focus on Commercial Photography. This all celebrates 7 years in business which feels fantastic!

London based Studio hb who had designed my original branding were briefed to update the typeface to something very ‘me’. A new fresher tone of green has replaced the old and we have ridded of the black and dark greys and switched to a fresher cleaner white. The new font Bella Regular has a similar friendly, approachable and creative feel to the last, but with a new simplistic SD and circular icon. I love its newness and to me it represents progression and celebration that I am still here 7 years on! Hurray! The new logo is now stripped though my website, my marketing materials and up on my studio walls so have a gander and see what you think…

SD Photographic logo 2018

As well as my branding refresh I have refitted my beloved studio with a built in desk space beautifully designed and fitted by A. Lister Carpentry and Joinery, a local lady who knows her stuff when it comes to bespoke office creations in uneven underground whitewashed caves!

Clients often visiting my studio at Clavering House for portrait headshots, comment on how my photo studio looks like a house in Santorini, the bar in an early Star Wars film or an igloo. Whilst young visitors here for family portraits often ask ‘do you live here?’ as it is so cosy and homely. Thankfully there is time after work to go to my real home!

The studio space accommodates website product photography, headshot staff profiles, fashion and family celebrations whether Graduations, Wedding Anniversaries or Bumps and Babies now with even greater ease and I have space for another staff member too! I’ll be updating you on this fab addition soon.

My website has also had a revamp (yes I was VERY busy this June & July!) and has a whole new set of professional/corporate portraiture galleries, featuring Studio Headshots, Staff at Work, Meet the Team and on location portrait photography. I also have afab selection of performer profiles and model portfolio images. Check it out on 

So here are the before and after- from store cupboard in 2015 to a glorious space in its 2018 newness. I am loving it!

Clavering house basement converted to photo studio



sarah deane studio refit in 2018 sarah deane studio refit in 2018 sarah deane studio refit in 2018

Children’s Day Holiday in Japan, Baby Portraits

Asami, Laion and Paul came into the studio early May for their son to be photographed on Childrens day. They brought with them the most amazing props in the form of ten foot fish and traditional clothes. These giant printed wind socks gave these shots a particularly graphic edge… see what you think!

children's day japan, childrens portraits newcastle

Barry Ersoz, Corporate Portraiture for ND Creative

Well Barry Ersoz of Power 4 Pubs was a super chap to photograph, jolly and a good sport. Barry had a passion for photography so we chatted f-stops and techniques as I shot. Many MD’s would rather be running the business than posing for photos but good profile images always make for a friendly approachable business.

It was ND Creative that commissioned these professional yet relaxed contemporary photography for one of their spreads in the S & N Pub company quarterly ‘Pub Life’. For more information on their please work visit portraits newcastle upon tyne