People in June, my top 5 shots

So this weekend I am on a residential training weekend with the Enterprise Agency and 40 other business owners from the North East. For three days I am intensively looking at my studio business, working process and new ideas.

Today is focussing on marketing and media platforms so a live task is to post a piece of content that may be of interest to my clients past current and future.

So with only 30 minutes to pull this post together I am (probably with many typos!) throwing out there 5 top photos shot in June. The theme is people in a documentary context, not posed and just naturally doing their thing shot with a shallow depth of field giving that lovely atmospheric blur. This style of photography is particularly helpful when the summer drinks shot was taken in the rain!

Having gained many new contracts this month I have met lots of new faces and so had a good variety of people to choose from. Below are a selection taken from commissions from Metro newspaper in conjunction with Jack Daniels and local businesses Adventures in Aude catering and Transcendit IT company.

I hope they inspire you to think about how the people in your business can be represented in photography and how this reflects the brand of your business in attractive imagery for editorial or website use. Happy working Saturday folks!

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