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Pregnancy Photography in Newcastle

Portraits are what I love and when it is Portraiture of a couple rather than an individual it’s double the fun! This month I had the pleasure of capturing some gorgeous Maternity Photography of these two (soon to be three) beautiful people, Masitano and his pregnant wife Chabala at my Newcastle Photo Studio. I love Maternity Shoots with an almost ready to pop bump! The women look delicious and the men are doey eyed, it’s a dreamy photo combo.

To capture the amazing curves and shapes that pregnancy brings I always advise the best time to visit my studio is around 35 weeks onwards. Also it is wise to avoid being photographed too close to a delivery date as I have also observed some women can find the last few weeks hard work and they are understandably not in a photo shoot mood!

I always want my studio time to be enjoyable and relaxing so that my clients leave having had a really lovely and memorable experience. For couples being photographed, it’s often very atmospheric and loving as these shots show. Masitano and Chabala are clearly very in love and the imagery reflects the tenderness between them. As a photographer you are often observing your subjects from the sideline, but with a pregnancy studio shoot like this, I find it is important to work closely with the couple to capture personality and emotion.

Chabala had researched pregnant couple imagery online that she liked, some on Instagram and others on Pinterest and brought screen shots to the photo session. This was very helpful for me as I used this to guide my choices on backdrop colours and lighting effects. The preferred photographic style had simplicity and intimacy as its strengths, all images with well executed flattering lighting in grey and black tones. It was perfect for my portrait style.

Clothing always plays a large part in the end result of an image, dictating colours, texture and atmosphere. The looks Masitano and Chabala chose were fantastic, focusing their attention to clothing fabrics and shapes including gold lame no less! Chabala had a long black stretch jersey dress to create the ultimate bump silhouette and hair up to allow for stylish femininity and a slick smart finish. Masitano wore a simple white crisp cotton shirt to complement the lame dress glamour then for the casual shots, dark grey textured denim and a pair of Dr Marten boots loosely laced with their leather and shape giving a sense of sturdiness and strength.

I felt really proud of these shots and was as ever, flattered to know this couple chose me as their photographer for such a special time in their lives. I was thrilled that they were happy for me to share the images and to promote my studio maternity photography here at the studio. Thank you Masitano and Chabala, and good luck with the next stage in your adventure!

If you would like an opportunity to chat through ideas for your pregnancy shoot please get in touch on my online form or call my number and I’d be happy to discuss. Or if you have a specific portfolio request and would like a good excuse to get out of your lockdown joggers and don some nice clothes just shout!

More images can be found on this page of my website; click here 

Pregnancy, Maternity and bump shoot at newcastle Photography Studio 9


Pregnancy, Maternity and bump shoot at newcastle Photography Studio4

Pregnancy, Maternity and bump shoot at newcastle Photography Studio 15

Portraits of a Scientist

Nuchido’s Dr Nichola Conlon

I just love this woman. She is really quite incredible! She is a Molecular Biologist Scientist, a Dr, a mother, a business founder and a lovely friend of mine. She is so mutuitalented I even saw her on Instagram this weekend driving a speed boat! I first met Nichola in Clavering House’s kitchen when we were both making like minded lunches. We became friends and in the subsequent years Nichola has gone on to launch the brand Nuchido to develop products designed to stimulate the body’s own self-repair systems. Essentially a genius anti-aging pill! What’s not to love!

This Sunday Nichola featured in an article in the Sun’s Sunday Supplement Fabulous Magazine highlighting female empowerment. It focussed on women working in male dominated industries with stories of where they are today, often having being told they were in the wrong profession. There are unfortunately a number of people who have the opinion that women need to choose between being a mother and their career, that they can’t have both. What rot! I built a successful career as a single parent and did Nichola, alongside many other women and it’s proof we can succeed as business women whilst being fabulous mothers too!

Nichola has used my Newcastle Photography services for various images over several years including product photos and portraits so she asked me to be her photographer and capture these pictures with a clear brief from her team. I’d suggested the fantastic new development  Newcastle Helix as it is a collection of modern, shiny and bold architecture giving a dramatic backdrop for eye catching editorial portraits.

Unluckily the shoot was on the windiest day EVER  as a US storm was passing over the UK so each photo was captured during millisecond breaks in the wind. We had to stop when the grit flew in our eyes and made us wince. It was pretty antisocial! However the results were fantastic, almost serene with not a hair out of place together with very ‘sciencey’ glass and geometric patterned backdrops. Here are a selection of the best from the shoot and obviously I had to post some outtakes! You will see how aggressive the wind really was. Didn’t we do well?

It’s a fantastic article and can be seen here  and more information about Nichola and the company can be found on the Nuchido website here

Editoral portraits of Dr Nichola Conlon taken at Helix Newcastle 1Editoral portraits of Dr Nichola Conlon taken at Helix Newcastle 3Editoral portraits of Dr Nichola Conlon taken at Helix NewcastleEditorial portraits of Dr Nichola Conlon taken at Helix Newcastle 4Editoral portraits of Dr Nichola Conlon taken at Helix Newcastle 5Editoral portraits of Dr Nichola Conlon taken at Helix Newcastle 6Editoral portraits of Dr Nichola Conlon taken at Helix Newcastle 7Photos of sarah Deane Photography in Helix Newcastle

Children’s Portfolio Photography

Meet Millie!

You can’t help but fall in love with Millie when you meet her. She is full of life, sweet natured and has a little twinkle in her eye which is always visible, never waning once throughout our recent shoot. Millie, 8 is a child model, dancer, singer, swimmer and all round ace performer.

She came to the studio in January this year with her Mum Jo, a colleague of mine from my Venture Portrait in Gosforth, Newcastle in the mid 2000’s and who owns the amazing Decote Dance group in Whitley Bay. Together as a team we created a really varied and colourful portfolio. We wanted photography that had a fashion angle but with personality and character combined. We went for lots of different looks, some edgy and sporty, some sweet and feminine and some fun and energetic. I wanted to capture highlights of Millie’s personality, paired with the outfits Jo brought along. These elements together with my suggestions on composition and lighting created a fantastic fresh new portfolio for Millie and her Mum. It was a really creative and fun shoot!

Many children start early with their model portfolios, attending shoots nationally for work and gaining experience with different photography studios and production companies. It can be a lot of fun if you enjoy it like Millie does and her brand new bank of images now means that she can enter competitions in all areas of her expertise, gain agency interest and refresh her social media online presence.

Below are a selection of Millie’s model photos below, so see what you think. If you know a child who’d like to try it out, my studio is a super friendly place to start out and I will always help you and your child feel comfortable and at ease. You can find more information, client reviews and portfolio pricing if you visit this page on my website

Childrens Photographer in Newcastle for model portfolios 2 Childrens Photographer in Newcastle for model portfolios 3.5 Childrens Photographer in Newcastle for m Childrens Photographer in Newcastle for model portfolios 4 Childrens Photographer in Newcastle for model portfolios 5 Childrens Photographer in Newcastle for model portfolios 6 Children's Photographer in Newcastle for model portfolios 7

YMCA Portraits

Just before lockdown I worked with the YMCA in Newcastle on their Urban Mushroom project, capturing photos of the grow-your-own kits they sell made from recycled local coffee grains. It’s a genius idea and more mushroom images will be shared when they go live. Part of the photography brief was to capture urban portraits in Newcastle city centre of the local youth that the scheme employs.

The YMCA are an exciting new client for me and one of the fist things I discussed when meeting Calvin, the Marketing Officer at YMCA Newcastle, was the infamous song! I was curious to know whether it felt relevant to the work they do now. I’d thought the memorable 1970’s Village People’s flamboyance was worlds apart from what the charity does today but did you know that the song was celebrating the YMCA help given to young gay men who were rejected by family and turfed out of home? The YMCA charity gave accommodation to those homeless young men and so Calvin explained the history of the organisation was well respected in this song. Now the YMCA supports both young men and women in all areas of life and Urban Mushrooms is an important employment scheme in Newcastle’s YMCA.

My main focus for the portrait shoot was the amazing Wilton who is employed by the Urban Mushroom scheme. He was a super star and surprisingly tolerant of me pointing a camera in his direction for several hours! I got some atmospheric shots of him and YMCA staff too by simply crossing the road from their premises and using the alleyway next to the Tyneside Cinema. So many brick textures, backdrop colours and lighting styles in that one street!

The brief was to capture a more relaxed expression, so not necessarily smiling as this can appear unappealing, staged and possibly unrealistic to the younger target market the YMCA want to attract. We also discussed the use of dimension and angles to fit with the YMCA style of photography and branding currently on their website. It was a clear and creative brief (the best of course) and the mood and expression needed to be just right. It was also a different type of shoot for me as I usually encourage people to smile although I did get a few smilers at the end though. Obviously!

For more information on the YMCA Newcastle and it’s work click here

YMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre 7YMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre 3 YMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre 2YMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre 5 YMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre 4 YMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre 8 YMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre 1YMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre smileyYMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre smiley Urban Mushrooms YMCA 232 CropYMCA Newcastle Portrait Photography in city centre smiley 2