Glasto 2013- Sunday tomato fight glastonbury 2013 in the common for home page4

The Tomato & UV Fights, The Temple, Glasto13

As you can imagine these events were super messy to have all your photographic equipment at! The tomato fight saw thousands of people taking no mercy on each other, photographers and TV crews! It lasted for 15 minutes, with dramatic classical music and an tense over excitable atmosphere like nothing else I have experienced. It kind of reminded me of the buzz of a kids party but with obscurity and age thrown in for a bit of mind bending anarchy! It took place in The Common’s Temple a grand atmospheric amphitheatre styled arena so there was safety for me, my camera and my assistant observing from the top step!

Later that night just after midnight the UV paint fight commenced and Rudimental performed their DJ set to a glowing powdery crowd! I didn’t shoot the actually explosion, only the aftermath as the dust damages photo lenses and sensors and as my camera was unscathed by tomatoes I thought I’d stay on that path!

If there is anyone you recognise in the crowd then do get in touch as images are available for release to those involved. They are well worth printing as the images remind me of ‘Where’s Wally’ illustrations, where there is something new to spot the longer you look!

The next set of images will feature people and perfomers, the last and final set until next year…. boo hooooo

the temple glastonbury 2013 in the common- the tomato fight

the temple glastonbury 2013 in the common- the tomato fight 2Glasto 2013- Sunday tomato fight at The Common's Temple glastonbury 2013 510 Glasto 2013- the temple glastonbury 2013 web res7

uv paint fight and rudimental dj set at glastonbury 2013 in the temple in the common fieldGlasto 2013 Sunday UV Paint Fight & Rudimental dj set at the temple glastonbury 2013 at The Common 060

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