The Word Bird

This shoot was only two weeks ago so you can imagine how cold this little birdy was! Sky’s beautiful tattoo was to be captured in a set of revealing images and despite the sub zero temperatures I suggested that we use a natural habitat backdrop for the peacock and its feathers.

So Sky came armed with leaves and with peacock blue eyes. My extremely elderly neighbourhood didn’t quite know what had hit it as I photographed a firey haired, NUDE lady in my back garden!

Sky has been life modelling for years so she’s not a shy bairn. But the real reason for the shots was to capture her tattoo which symbolises her passion for poetry and celebrates her fantastic success of ‘The Word Bird’ poetry business offering poetry workshops and performances in the region.

You may need a poet, even though you don’t know it, so to find out more visit


The Word Bird Photography

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  1. sky hawkins
    sky hawkins says:

    These photos are amazing, you really captured my personality and energy.You are a super talented women with an amazing eye!!! Thankyou so much.I will treasure these photos for always….. and cry over them when i am old and wrinkly ha ha


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