AXA Healthcare Campaign

You may have recently seen the AXA Healthcare campaign on Channel 4, launched by digital agency Realise this month featuring the specialist cancer care staff from Bushtree Cancer Hospital in Elstree.

It was my role to capture portraits of the staff on location during the filming of the documentary style interviews. These images accompany those by portrait photographer Alex Telfer who created the powerful hero portraits that head the campaign.

It was incredibly eye-opening working with these people in this environment. You can view my images of these inspiring people on the homepage of the AXA Healthcare website at

The Realise Group have beautifully executed this by bringing increased awareness to the ‘Stand up to Cancer’ campaign. For anyone who is affected by cancer, it’s worth a quick online visit this week as there is support and advice offered via live on line chats with the hospital staff.

axa healthcare campaign cancer awareness 2

AXA healthcare campaign staff portraits

And here is behind the scenes…..

AXA healthcare insurance stand up to cancer campaign-surgeon in operating theatre

AXA healthcare insurance stand up to cancer campaign- radio therapy nurse in make up 249

AXA healthcare insurance stand up to cancer campaign- cancer counsellor being filmed in hospital

and just for fun….

(I have always wanted to wear scrubs!)

hospital photography

Sarah Deane Photographic - Sarah Deane on location