Barnardo’s Teenage Pregnancy Leaflet

This is the leaflet produced by the teenage pregnancy unit at Barnardo’s recently. I shot both the teen dads and mums groups in the winter of last year and uploaded a few here so the images may be familiar.

I went to an anniversary event in December where they were initially distributed and the lad on the front page was well chuffed that he had his 15 mins of fame! I was really grateful that both the mums and the dads had all been so polite and cooperative as it made my job so much easier!

Barnardo's Teenage Pregnancy Leaflet

Barnardo's Teenage Pregnancy Leaflet


Lucy Burn Hairdressing

This shoot was for ND Creative, Lucy approached them wanting a flyer promoting her home visit hairdressing business. She needed a few up to date shots to give the flyers an approachable yet professional feel. I have posted two of the best finished designs with the photos incorporated and a handful of others. She was super happy and exclaimed ‘I can’t believe its really me!’.

Anyone wanting a fantastic friendly and salon expert service with face shape and colour analysis, give Lucy a call on 07950 416622.

Lucy Burn Hair Salon Photography 1Lucy Burn Hair Salon Photography 2Lucy Burn Hair Salon Photography 3Lucy Burn Hair Salon Photography 4Lucy Burn Hair Salon Photography 5Lucy Burn Hair Salon Photography 6


Contortion and lad dads in Sugar this month

Well this week I am super pleased to have shots in two articles of this month’s edition of Sugar mag. One reports international teenage contortionist Cristina’s story of non traditional schooling and instead doing lots of crazy bending and shooting of bows and arrows from her feet, as you do! The other is a gritty real life report of the teen lads group here in Newcastle which led to work previously posted for Barnardo’s, all interesting stuff!



The Word Bird

This shoot was only two weeks ago so you can imagine how cold this little birdy was! Sky’s beautiful tattoo was to be captured in a set of revealing images and despite the sub zero temperatures I suggested that we use a natural habitat backdrop for the peacock and its feathers.

So Sky came armed with leaves and with peacock blue eyes. My extremely elderly neighbourhood didn’t quite know what had hit it as I photographed a firey haired, NUDE lady in my back garden!

Sky has been life modelling for years so she’s not a shy bairn. But the real reason for the shots was to capture her tattoo which symbolises her passion for poetry and celebrates her fantastic success of ‘The Word Bird’ poetry business offering poetry workshops and performances in the region.

You may need a poet, even though you don’t know it, so to find out more visit


The Word Bird Photography

Lucy and neices

Now with the crazy amounts of snow we are having, these autumnal scenes seem like a whole season away. Lucy wanted some keep sake photography of her nieces and these were captured in a quick hour starting at the house with Charlie the Siamese and then into the park for some compositions bursting with colour!