Crabtree of Gateshead Product Photography

Crabtree of Gateshead is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of quality metal decorating presses and coating machines. They have an impressive factory on the Team Valley that produces incredibly sophisticated machines that apply the decorative coating to metal surfaces.

The photography brief was to show the breadth of their machine client base and the type of coatings that can be applied to various shapes with professional product photographs. The images are to be used for a future exhibition and for display around the North East premises. This was an extremely colourful and enjoyable photo shoot, with many of their client’s recognisable brands that we see in our kitchen cupboards. I was so pleased to be chosen as their product photographer and i shall look forward to more work with them in the future!

To find out more about their work please visit and look below to see my studio product shots.

crabpress client printed tin productscrabtree of gateshead studio product photos

SJF’s Crown Posada, Newcastle Quayside

Earlier this year during that dreadful snow, I was asked to capture photographs of some of the oldest pubs in Newcastle for the new SJF pub company website designed by local design agency MBL Solutions who were managing a brand refresh.

I was particularly over excited about this commission as on the list were the Crown Posada, The Bridge Hotel and New Bridge Inn, three of my favourite places to drink in Newcastle’s city centre due to their stunning interiors.

The Crown Posada is the second oldest pub in Newcastle, the interior is dark and rich and the atmosphere is cosy and inviting. The interior features are a photographers dream with the opportunity to capture creative photos of gilt mirrors, stain glass partitions, brass lamps, green leather upholstery and a record player in a wooden case playing classic albums on request. The narrow shape and dramatic coffered ceiling adds to the traditional ale house character. There is even the whimsical story of the pub being named after a Spanish sailor who bought the pub for his mistress to add to the historical intrigue.

For anyone whom hasn’t been to sample the real ale and excellent selection of whiskies its worth a visit during daylight to see the magnificent feature stain glass window illuminated.

MBL Solution’s  fantastic new website is, can be seen together with my photography on the following link; for more about MBL’s work see their site on

Sir john Fitzgerald's crown posada, newcastle upon tyne

SJF crown posada newcastle upon tyne



Komatsu UK is 25 Years Old!

So 25 years ago in 1987 Prince Charles opened Komatsu UK in Birtley. Staff celebrated in style with the whole work force in excess of of 400, the BBC TV, Tyne Tees TV, R&B Group (and me!) all in one room!

After press interviews outside in the rain there was a lunch and a factory tour for key figures. Later there were speakers to all who work at Komatsu UK, by Mick Henry, The Leader of Gateshead Council and Peter Howe, Komatsu UK MD and Chairman of Komatsu Europe. The workers looked really proud and very happy to work there which made it easy to capture the big moments and the smaller ones too!

Happy Birthday Komatsu UK!

komatsu uk is 25 years old

komatsu uk is 25 years old

komatsu uk is 25 years old this week

Komatsu Shots for Product Brochures

A few months back I created a few sets of images for the various Komatsu machines that needed new photography. I was shooting on the Uk site in Birtley and on the agenda was a bulldozer, a dumper truck and a huge crawler excavator, so big it has a 6ft bucket!

I had a go driving each one after the shots were completed! Obviously. Digging a hole in the ground with an excavator, driving at a 90 degree angle to the ground on a muddy hill and transporting several tons of earth about in a truck is unbelievably exciting! Yep I am a machine nerd and an adrenaline junkie! (Don’t even get me started on how exciting I find the factory production lines… pics to come!)

komatsu D65 bulldozer photos

komatsu dumper trucks 400 & 300 models

komatsu pc700 crawler excavator pics

And just for fun, to get a feel of how big the PC700 is see how small I look in the bucket! These beautiful machines are BEASTS!!!!

me in komatsu d700 bucket!

Komatsu UK Staff Olympics 2012

Komatsu recently held its 2012 Staff Olympics with the prize for the lucky winners of a trip to Japan! I love being on the factory floor and it was fascinating to watch them compete with their various assembly skills… here are some shots from the day… an interesting insight into how these amazing machines are created!

komatsu Uk olympics 2012komatsu uk staff olympics