V&A London, David Bowie is

This Saturday the hugely anticipated David Bowie is exhibition opens at the V&A in London. It has had a record breaking ticket pre-sales and the reviews are fantastic.

As a rather over excited official photographer I went in on Monday to capture the exhibition specifically focusing on the Environmental Graphic Design for studio HB and for the other team members including AV Designers (Olympic Opening Ceremony & War Horse) 59 Productions, 3D Designers Real Studios and DHA Lighting Design

The grey, orange and black colour palette is a fun and sophisticated nod to Bowie’s Ziggy days and the dramatic projections, sample objects and iconic costumes are a treat to soak up. So for those of you who don’t have an invite to the opening party or cant make it to London before the close in August, here is your own private view…..

….”its the best selling show..oh oh oh……”

David Bowie is V&A London

David Bowie is V&A London 2

David Bowie is V&A London 3

David Bowie is V&A London 4

David Bowie V&A London 5

David Bowie is V&A London 6

David Bowie is V&A London 7