Komatsu Shots for Product Brochures

A few months back I created a few sets of images for the various Komatsu machines that needed new photography. I was shooting on the Uk site in Birtley and on the agenda was a bulldozer, a dumper truck and a huge crawler excavator, so big it has a 6ft bucket!

I had a go driving each one after the shots were completed! Obviously. Digging a hole in the ground with an excavator, driving at a 90 degree angle to the ground on a muddy hill and transporting several tons of earth about in a truck is unbelievably exciting! Yep I am a machine nerd and an adrenaline junkie! (Don’t even get me started on how exciting I find the factory production lines… pics to come!)

komatsu D65 bulldozer photos

komatsu dumper trucks 400 & 300 models

komatsu pc700 crawler excavator pics

And just for fun, to get a feel of how big the PC700 is see how small I look in the bucket! These beautiful machines are BEASTS!!!!

me in komatsu d700 bucket!