The Invisible Circus at Glastonbury 2013

I know I am going on & on about Glastonbury, but there is so much to show you!!! and…. CHECK OUT THIS CRAZINESS!! These guys were on at The Temple in Glastonbury Thursday, Friday and Saturday with their beautiful radiant and bizarre costumes, fire juggling, arial acrobatics and general jaw dropping antics..  To find out more about Invisible Circus go to

Photography of the invisble circus at Glastonbury the common field in the templephotography of the invisible circus at the common glstonbury 2013 performing in the templephotos of the invisible circus at glastonbury 2013 in the common area performing in the templeINVISIBLE CIRCUS AT GLASTONBURY 2013 PROPS BACKSTAGE AT THE COMMON BEFORE THE TEMPLE PERFORMANCE