Jason Squires Website Profiles

Jason Squires social media marketing expert came to me recently for profile photos in my photography studio in Newcastle city centre and around local nearby landmarks at the quayside. Being a social media expert he knew the importance of good quality portrait photos online and needed a broad range of profiles for his new website. His business advises other businesses on the strengths of social media and how to grow your client base and increase growth using social media effectively.

The brief was to create portrait imagery that allowed his clients to have a visual introduction to Jason on line in professional yet friendly and relaxed photography. The weather was dry and we worked our way around the quayside to various landmarks with spectacular backdrops across Dean St and across the bridges to the Baltic. Jason works nationally however this Newcastle city scape was a great one to use particularly as it was a stones throw from my portrait studio. We finished up with a few studio shots with plain backdrops of white, grey and black coloramas each offering a different atmosphere and offering flexible use for Jason across various print and web media designs. If you’d like to see the results of the pictures now within Jason’s site or want to know more about Jason’s work please visit this link;

If you would like a new online profile shot maybe for your company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media please see the flyer below for details of my current offer and give me call to discuss availability. I can help you loosen up (as very few people like having their portrait taken) and make the experience an enjoyable one! Please don’t be shy and pick up that phone to call me on 07960 338357


Arlo Cafe Bistro’s Food & Family

I LOVE ARLO! The food is tremendous the staff are just gorgeous and the place is run by one of the nicest families you’d hope to meet. Susan & Lucas are perfect hosts and the kids Otis, Lola, Arlo and Luna (a cool 4 letter theme) are often in there munching on the cakes looking super edible themselves.

The photography brief was to capture food, staff and family in a two hour window so luckily my experience in 2 of my specialist areas, food and portraits made it thorough yet enjoyable. I was shooting the kids (people often snigger when I use this term- but you know what I mean..) whilst the chef whipped up the new international menu.

The food photography was executed on the wooden tables in the cafe and I used a mixture of natural blue toned light to highlight the clarity of the food & with the warm glow of tungsten light in the back ground. For any budding food photographers, use a macro lens and a shallow depth of field for food photography. You dont need it all in focus, just the tasty bits and be prepared to work fast to get the freshest look.

The staff portraits were shot as the team worked which created a lovely informality with lots of fun expressions and movement. They then cleaned up then chowed down for a low key meal & meeting coupled with a predatory photographer. They seemed game (thanks Dan)! For more images taken of family & staff, or just to check out the food menu check out their site on this live link

arlo's bistro cafe jesmond food photographyArlo & family

arlo's staff portrait photography in jesmond bistro newcastle
arlo cafe bistro staff photos copy

EXTWENTYFIVE Digital at Newcastle College

Late last year a fantastic exhibition celebrating the work of alumni from the past 25 years was held at Newcastle college. It showcased ex students who have been successful in their careers using digital design mediums including animation, advertising, graphic communication, fashion & photography and I was really chuffed to be part of it.

It was incredible going back there as it hadn’t changed since I was last there is 1991, (yep I only just qualified for the 25 year period… yikes!) The work I chose to exhibit was creative, atmospheric and colourful.

Myself, ex colleagues and many old friends were part of this exhibition so it was particularly exciting. One of my longest friends (note careful not to say ‘oldest’) who exhibited is school friend Helen Lyon. We have been best pals for a quarter of a century!

Helen graduated from Middlesex Uni in Communication Design, worked in agencies, taught in higher education then later set up studio HB over a decade ago. Her company specialises in environmental graphic design and has worked with, amongst others, The Science Museum, The British Museum and The Natural History Museum in London.

Helen & I often work together on projects and studio HB recently commissioned me for shots of her graphic panels at ‘David Bowie is’ at the V&A (featured in EXTWENTYFIVE) and the Olympic Journey at The Royal Opera House. We also created some relaxed portraiture for her new brand website. Helen’s design portfolio can be viewed on this live link

sarah deane photographic at ex25 newcastle college exhibition 2013


ex25 exhibition at newcastle college 2013 with studio hb helen lyon studio hb at ex25 exhibition newcastle college

Irwin Mitchell’s Office Views

You may remember seeing my smiley happy shots of Irwin Mitchell’s Xmas do at the People’s Theatre last year. This year the event was held at their brand new offices as they boast amazing views across Newcastle and they wanted to share it with their clients.

The views from their Gallowgate premises are absolutely spectacular and so I headed down as the sun set during the ‘magic hour’ when the sky is a piercing blue but low enough to see twinkling city lights. It was possible to spot favourite landmarks and buildings across the city centre and across to the Tyne Valley and beyond. The guests were in for a treat!

irwin mitchel xmas 2013 eventirwin mitchell xmas clienty event & new offices

The Invisible Circus at Glastonbury 2013

I know I am going on & on about Glastonbury, but there is so much to show you!!! and…. CHECK OUT THIS CRAZINESS!! These guys were on at The Temple in Glastonbury Thursday, Friday and Saturday with their beautiful radiant and bizarre costumes, fire juggling, arial acrobatics and general jaw dropping antics..  To find out more about Invisible Circus go to

Photography of the invisble circus at Glastonbury the common field in the templephotography of the invisible circus at the common glstonbury 2013 performing in the templephotos of the invisible circus at glastonbury 2013 in the common area performing in the templeINVISIBLE CIRCUS AT GLASTONBURY 2013 PROPS BACKSTAGE AT THE COMMON BEFORE THE TEMPLE PERFORMANCE