The Olympic Journey, Royal Opera House, London 2012.

This summer I was involved in an incredibly exciting project! I was to document the installation of The Olympic Journey exhibition sponsored by BP for the London Olympics 2012 at The Royal Opera House. Oh yes!

The 3D design and communication was developed and realised by Hypsos who created a breathtaking concept with fresh graphics and beautiful typography. After months of design, printing and preparation finally it was time to deliver. The constructions for this amazing installation spread across several rooms in The Royal Opera House. The 100 strong Dutch team of construction workers, project managers and designers were poised at midnight to start straight after the last curtain call at the Royal Opera House in an amazingly tight 36 hour turnaround.

Over the next two days I documented the arrival, the overnight installation and then the finished exhibition before it opened to the public. When it opened I was lucky enough to have a live tour capturing the public viewing the medals, torches, artifacts and spectacular projections across huge suspended ribbons.

The staff at the Royal Opera House were so helpful and jolly and the spirits though out the Hypsos team were utterly impressive as they delivered smoothly, on time and with amazing results! To find out more about Hypsos location, work and recent projects visit

To see more about the Royal Opera House and their listings, news and features visit

delivery of olympic journey exhibition at royal opera house london

installation olympic journey exhibition at the royal opera house london olympics 2012

hypsos olympic journey exhibition at the royal opera house, london, is complete!

hypsos installaton at royal opera house for olympic journey exhibition 2012

royal opera house olympic journey exhibition with medals and athletes artifacts

olympic journey torches photos at opera house london