AM Live Music – String Quartet Website Imagery

Last week I was lucky enough to be serenaded by a fantastic, classically trained string quartet, harpist, flautist and singer as I worked. I was commission to create some contemporary imagery for the new website for the AM Live Music as they no longer wanted to be misunderstood as fusty and stuffy and wanted a fresh, young new image.

So for this I decided to use my studio as a naturally lit location using the church window to create atmosphere and the white walls to contrast with the instruments and black clothing.

The wooden floorboards warmed up the images (as did the gorgeous ladies with red lipstick!) and gave a new dimension compared to that of my studio backdrop. Using natural light was a challenge when the sun went in and a black cloud storm passed over but the results were fantastic. Below are a few headers suggested for the home page….

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Musical Quartet Photography


Claire at Heineken UK

The ‘Pub Life’ magazine delivered to all Scottish and Newcastle lessees nationally features ‘a day in the life of..’ each issue. This time it was Claire Liddle’s turn at Heineken UK’s snazzy offices in Edinburgh. We got some crackers, thanks Claire- I hope you like them as you may be centre spread!

Claire at Heineken UK


Heineken’s Pub Life shoot for ND Creative

This week I have travelled to shoot in Edinburgh, Manchester, Selby and Harrogate for various Heineken UK briefs commissioned by ND Creative. I have clocked up some serious mileage!

This shoot was to illustrate an article about a refurb of Churchill’s pub in the vibrant gay district of central Manchester. It boasted an eclectic mix of Gothic metal features, disco lights and high ceilings. It had dark nooks and bright seated areas, providing for lunch meetings by day and drag acts by night. I was gutted I couldn’t have stayed and checked out the entertainments but the M1 was calling…… maybe next time..


Heineken's Pub Life shoot for ND Creative


Piper Heidsieck Champagne

Well it was cocktails for a waiter guide last week and Champagne this week, anyone would think I liked a drink!

First Drinks needed a close up shot of a model pouring champagne with a range of aprons, it was a bit of an experiment but the client was super pleased with the results.

Piper Heidsieck Champagne


Bank holiday cocktails!

It’s always a bonus to shoot cocktails before the bank holiday weekend!

My BBQ guests inevitably got to sample these and more during the royal wedding festivities and bank hol bonanza!

The shoot was for First Drinks, commissioned by ND Creative –

Pitcher Brandy Drinks PhotoVodka madras Drinks Photo

Grants Lemon Zest Drinks Photo