Family days and commercial head shots are just the tip of the iceberg in Portrait Photography by Sarah Deane

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Corporate portraits and family photos are just the start. With my vast experience working for Venture photography studios and detailed skills in lighting and scene setting I can accommodate any portrait project.

Family Portraits

Take a second and look around your collection of photos in the living room. There is always someone missing… whether it is Dad holding the camera or Mum’s head half in frame, there is never quite the full family photo. Getting a great family portrait photo on the contemporary white background is one option, and capturing a fun family moment in your home, park or back garden is magical. I offer a range of family portrait services from typical studio settings to location shoots, even with the family dog in tow.

Looking for Head Shots or a Corporate Portrait?

Many musicians, artists, designers and sportsman require head shots for their portfolios and press releases. With commercial portraits and head shots it’s sometimes about capturing a moment rather than setting a scene. A relaxed atmosphere is key and is guaranteed in my own portrait studio in Newcastle.

What’s Next?

Please check out the links below to view my portrait photography gallery and portfolio. Or simply find out the latest news and projects from my portrait sessions news feed.

Next Step

Discuss your next portrait with me, Sarah Deane, on 07960 338357 or emailing me on

Portrait Photography Gallery

Below you will find a snapshot of my portrait photography work. My range of work spans from commercial headshots to location family group settings.

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